Great Initative By A Fan’s Club Member

Rajat Mukherjee who is a member of Red & Gold Lovers Fan’s Club, donated र 30’000 INR to East Bengal FC. From Siliguri Rajat Mukherjee is not only a member of Red & Gold Lovers but he is allso Vice-President of the Fan’s Club.

Formed in 2012 Red & Gold Lovers is affilated by East Bengal, which more commonly known as RGL, and it is one of the biggest & most popular fan’s clubs of East Bengal have, which has many units in allover West Bengal.

Ajay Bhishnu's photo.
RGL is not only a fans club but in past it was attached with many social affairs like donating cloths to East Bengal’s ground staff, one of their major achivements was the 2013 Asean Day Celebretation which marks the 10th anniversary of East Bengal’s historical Asean Cup triumph in 2003.

At present RGL has over 100 active members who are not only supporting their beloved club, but they are involving them selfs with many social activites.

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  1. Rajat Mukherjee

    Nothing like that rather its a token of regards to my mother club EAST BENGAL. I would love to be at any service at any material point of time for my dream club.

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