Syed Abdus Samad – The Forgotten Legend of Indian Football

On this season of World Cup every one is rooting for their favourite players but the sad part of the story is most of the people from current generation who are following Indian football with great interest they don’t even know that first ever football magician was from their own country. Yes we are talking about none other than the football wizards himself Syed Abdus Samad.

With the gift from football god Syed Abdus Samad was born at Purnia (Bihar) on 6 December 1895. Playing for Purnia Junior Football Club with his skills he drew attention of many including Sir Dukhiram Majumder who is regarded as the pioneer of Indian football, he bought Samad in to Kolkata Maidan in 1912 where he started his career at Town Club. From there he played for East Bengal, Railways and Mohammedan Sporting Club during his 26-year long career.

In 1924 Samad was selected in Indain team he allso lead the team in 1926, with Indian team he toured England, Barma (Maynmar), China & Singapore. His most memorable performance came against China in 1927 where he scored 4 goals in 10 minutes to give India a 4-3 win after trailing 3-0 at half time.

At age of 38 in 1933 Samad joined Mohammedan Sporting Club and it is beleived that he was the main architect behind Mohammedan’s five succesive IFA League (CFL) titles.

After watching Pele in 1977 Mohun Bagan legend Umapati Kumar who later got Mohun Bagan Ratna commented “Whole World is going crazy about Pele but they are so damn unlucky because they have never seen Samad on field, he was a gifted athlete he can do any thing with the ball when he wants”.

In 1947 after partition of India Samad moved to East Pakistan (Bangladesh) where he worked as Ticket Collector in Parbati Pur railway station. He died on 2nd Fedruary 1964. East Pakistan (Bangladesh) Government released an postal stamp in the memory of football magician in 1969, Bangladesh Football Federation allso organises Annual Jadukor Samad Memorial Football Tournament in his honour.

We can not illabirate the glorious career of Syed Abdus Samad in just one article but we must except this hard reality that we never gave him the respect which he deserves. Syed Abdus Samad was a true football genius who never had his place in the history of Indian football.

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