CFL: Mohun Bagan decides not to play the Kolkata derby

By Ajay Majumder

KOLKATA: After an extended period of drama, Mohun Bagan on Tuesday finally decided not to play the CFL Premier Division – A derby scheduled to take place at Kalyani Stadium on Wednesday.

In a letter sent to IFA yesterday, Mohun Bagan demanded for at least 48 hours of practice at the match venue and a total of over 6000 tickets for their club members and asked for the game to be rescheduled for a later date.

However, The Governing Body of West Bengal football was in no mood to defer the match beyond September 7 and informed that the match will take place on it’s slated time, after a meeting held this afternoon.


Mohun Bagan, meanwhile, remain firm on their stand and stated it won’t be possible for them to play the match if their both demands are not fulfilled.

“As a governing body of football in the state you should accept to our logic of providing 48 hours for preparation as it very essential for the team to understand the surface and size of the field and get themselves accustomed with the condition,” Mohun Bagan stated in a letter sent to IFA this evening.

 We once again reiterate that at least 48 hours of time has to be provided to our team for preparation of the match at Kalyani stadium and accordingly defer the date of the match as it will not possible to play the match tomorrow.”  The letter continued.

This will result in a walkover to their opponents, first time in CFL since 1985, if not something drastic happens over night.

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