June 3, 2023



Why Bimal Magar could fail at Mohun Bagan

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Mohun Bagan has recently signed Bimal Gharti Magar for the remainder of the season as a replacement of injured Sony Norde. The 20-year-old is arguably the best footballer that emerged from Nepal in recent past. With 6’1″ height and good speed, Bimal has already grabbed the headlines in Nepalese media. But he may face some problem in India and how he deal with those will decide his future in India.

Mohun Bagan has a legion of emotional supporters and they have already placed an huge amout of expectations on Bimal’s shoulders, it has been proven in the past that it is not so easy to give in to high amounts of pressure and expectations. Let’s face it, Bimal was playing with no pressure in Nepal. He was hardly ever criticized in the media and was able to adapt to his own favourite playing style. At Mohun Bagan, that’s not going to happen.

Currently there is no proper league structure in Nepal since 2016 and all the players had to play a few knockout tournaments to keep themselves fit. But it did not give them a proper match fitness and without proper match fitness it’s seemingly impossible to give the best.

Mohun Bagan also have problems of their own. The current state of the team is not that good. Currently they are at 4th place in the I-League table and almost out of the title race. Though still there is a little chance for them. But it’s very difficult. So at this moment, the club is not willing to spend some extra cash on a quality physical trainer or rehab specialist. Everything depends on their head coach Sankarlal Chakraborty, who is also relatively inexperienced when it’s comes to coach a big club like Mohun Bagan.

Bimal has an average physique like most young Indian boys. So he has to be more cautious to build a strong frame as most of the I-League teams has African defenders who play the physical game. So without a strong body, he won’t be able to direct the traffic.

Bimal is a capable player who has the quality and the ability to become one of the best in South Asia, if not the best. It’s just those negatives that are going to stop him from succeeding at Mohun Bagan.

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