September 23, 2023



Groundbreaking Coaching Convention boosts coach education across Concacaf

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Concacaf has recently launched a groundbreaking new initiative to support its Member Associations in delivering high quality coach education: the Concacaf Coaching Convention. 

To roll-out this important new initiative, the Confederation has been hosting Coach Education Exchanges across the region. Most recently, Concacaf hosted coaches in Curacao from June 17-19, 2022, which featured participation from General Secretaries, Technical Directors and Heads of Coach Education from the Federations of Aruba, Bonaire, Saint Maarten, Suriname and host, Curacao.

The event marked the fifth in a series of nine Coach Education Exchanges, with the Confederation having successfully delivered similar interactions in Jamaica, Antigua & Barbuda, Panama and St. Lucia. To date, a total of 26 of the 41 Member Associations have participated

The three-day exchanges are designed to introduce participating Member Associations to the regulations, implementation strategies and application processes for the inaugural Concacaf Coaching Convention.

The Concacaf Coaching Convention is a regulatory framework intended to standardize and raise the quality of coach education programs across Member Associations. By establishing, implementing, and monitoring minimum standards for coach education, the Convention will be critical to promoting coaching excellence, and recognizing our Member Associations’ domestic coach education courses as Concacaf diplomas and licenses. The ultimate goal is to provide coaches with an established Confederation-wide coaching pathway ranging from the Concacaf C, B, A to a Pro License.  

Speaking of the significance of the Convention at its launch to Concacaf Member Associations in March 2022, Concacaf President and FIFA Vice President Victor Montagliani said, “The Coaching Convention is an integral component of Concacaf’s Football First Agenda. Coach Education serves as a critical driver and an area of investment, opportunity and continuous improvement for our game. The results of the Coaching Convention’s standards will be evident decades down the line, with our Member Associations reaping the benefits of improved coaching and player performance, across all levels of play.”  

Concacaf General Secretary, Philippe Moggio, addressed the importance of collaboration, “The Coaching Convention is a reflection our One Concacaf philosophy, creating the framework needed to encourage the sharing of best practices and identifying collaboration opportunities between Concacaf Member Associations, both in the areas of coach education program delivery and the free movement of coaches, with Concacaf licenses, across our Member Associations.”  

According to Concacaf Director of Development, Jason Roberts, the Concacaf Coaching Convention forms part of a much bigger plan: “Although our collective journey is just beginning, the steps we have already taken together have weight and are powerful. We truly believe that investing and growing coach education will be the key to unlocking the continued expansion of our Concacaf national team and regional club competitions. I wish to thank the Concacaf Coach Education Panel, FIFA, our partner confederations, and all everyone who has contributed so far to this pivotal piece of work. We now look forward to the implementation phase and the potential impact of the Convention”.  

Fundamentally, the Concacaf Coaching Convention not only seeks to standardize and raise the quality of coach education across the region, but also to provide greater opportunities for cross border access for coaches through the mutual recognition of qualifications, while promoting coaching excellence as part of the One Concacaf Philosophy. 

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