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Mumbai FC rope in Mohammed Rafi and Climax Lawrence for season 2014-15

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Mumbai FC have added two more players to their squad in Mohammed Rafi and Climax Lawrence. The two players plied their trade for Mumbai FC last season too and Head Coach Khalid Jamil was more than happy to get the duo for another season.

Khalid on the signings – “These two players were precious assets last season. Rafi is a very good player with an attacking nous. He can provide as well as score. He adds depth to our forward line.”

He added, “Everyone who follows Indian Football knows how good Climax is. He brings in so much experience with him. He is a very humble person and he shares helps the youngsters in improving their game.”

On getting back with the Mumbai FC squad Rafi said, “I had a great time last season. It was a great experience playing under a coach like Khalid Jamil. I look forward to a fantastic season.”

A delighted Climax Lawrence said, “This will be my second season at the club. I am happy to continue here.”

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