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Mohammedan rally behind Anwar

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KOLKATA: Mohammedan Sporting Club is willing to do everything in their power for Anwar Ali to ensure that his football career does not come to an abrupt end with congenital heart disease.

Mohammedan Sporting Football Secretary Dipendu Biswas said on Wednesday that the club is ready to field the 20-year-old for atleast 30 minutes in each match if AIFF permits them to do so. Ali wants to continue playing football and the club is looking to arrange training sessions for Ali under special supervision if there is slightest chance of him playing.

Former India international footballer Biswas also cited an example of himself and players from some of the biggest clubs abroad who played for years despite a similar medical condition.

“There was a player from England who suffered from a similar heart defect, he played for 60 minutes and was trained under special supervision. Even I played top tier football for many years, despite a similar medical condition. Arsenal legend Kanu also had similar condition and that did not stopped him form becoming one of the most celebrated footballers in EPL. We are looking to follow the same measures for Anwar if AIFF allows him to play. I would like to request AIFF to consider this case on humanitarian grounds,” Biswas said.

Ali has written to the All India Football Federation (AIFF) that stopping him from playing would be like a ‘death sentence’ for him.

He is currently awaiting the AIFF’s medical committee’s decision on his future in competitive football. He wrote, “Article 21 of the Indian Constitution guarantees me the right to earn a living.”

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